Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Science Saved My Soul

I have to thank John Loftus for linking this video.  It is wonderfully presented, so I just had to link it myself for future viewing pleasure.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

These are my students

I have an "interesting" group of students in my 7th period Pre-Calc class.  On Carl Sagan day I decided to take some time out of the normal schedule to show some videos of his in honor of him.  The six classes before my last one were all respectful of the content and Sagan.  7th period - not so much.  I have extremely bright students in this class, but for some reason, when it comes to commonly accepted views in the science realm, aka evolution, they are plain defiant.  They made rude comments about Sagan just because he was talking about the wonders of the explanatory power of evolution.  I stopped the video and layed into them.  I asked them what they believed about how species on earth evolved.  I got comments like "The bible says this or that" and god created man.  I asked them to prove this.  Naturally they are not fully matured or evolved in their thinking, let alone true biblical knowledge, so they fell back on what their parents said their bible says.  "SORRY! But you need to provide me with evidence without referencing a book full of reprehensible and immoral acts carried out in the name of your god."  Yes I did.  That sure sent a shock through the class.  They sat in silence until the bell rang.  The next day they brought in this book
Still trying to be funny, a couple of students wrote comments on their quizzes referencing how the problems would be solved because jesus said they would be.  Oh how I wish I could teach them how to be critical thinkers and to analyze their religion they way I did.  The problem is: I like my job.  One dim light of hope was one student now actively engaging with me in defending Christianity.  I asked if his parents knew and they do and have no problem with it - this student is the most "religious" in his family, oddly enough. 

Another interesting thing happened.  I received this email the day after from a 2nd period parent.

Mr. D,
My son (name) shared that his class watched a video on Carl Sagan. He showed me the video on You Tube. Could you explain how this fit in with your Math class?

Mr. xxxxxxxx

He was referencing the evolution video.  Really?  WTF?  I immediately responded by saying that it was to honor one of the greatest deliverers of science to the public we have ever known on a day that is recognized around the world as Carl Sagan day.  I ended the response with "Let me know if you need anything else."  Does this bible thumper really think someone is stupid enough to deconvert minors who are not your own children?  Naturally, I did not get any other emails from this brainwasher.  And people wonder why our country's science education is as sub-standard as it is.