Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not Alone

I found this article, Cleveland Atheists: A Christmas story, in the Cleveland Scene Online Magazine. It is informative and unbiased in its delivery of the holidays from an atheist's perspective.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Christian Hypocrites

I watched Outside the Lines this morning, a behind the scenes news show for sports. Usually there isn't anything interesting, but today they had a special on Lisa Howe, the former soccer coach of Belmont University, who is a lesbian. Yes, emphasis on the boldfaced words. Belmont is a christian university with a discrimination clause in their contracts. They did not come out and say that her sexual orientation was the reason for the decision, but we (rational people) all know it was just another example of chrisitians being hypocritical. We accept everyone, so long as they are not gay. So this must mean that Belmont must not think of the LGBT community as humans. Christian university, an institution of higher learning. I smell an oxymoron.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Follow up on Bible Study in High School

An anonymous person found my blog, printed off the Bible Study entry and placed it in Mrs. Pullin's mailbox at the school. They highlighted the footer at the bottom of the printout with my blog title with my last name in it. Now there are only 2 reasons why someone would do this. #1: They don't like her or something she is doing and found someone else with the same outlook, which by the way would be their opinion. At no point did I write anything about animosity between us. Our working relationship is very functional and friendly. #2: They don't like me or something I am doing and decided to give her ammo to discredit me in some way. There is one problem here - either reason is completely negated by the fact that they did this anonymously. If you want to express your feelings on this type of situation where there is choice of sides to take, the only sensible and worthwhile way to do so is in person. There is no rationalizing away fears or shyness. If you have a reason to do this, you must have the backbone to personalize it. In conclusion: this anonymous person is just a plain old pussy. If you have something to say, whoever it is directed to, say it. Right now, after reading this post, because I know you are, because you found my blog. Take the time out to address me or her directly. Trust me when you do, it'll feel great.