Sunday, August 14, 2011

There are so many voices...

So there I was reading a post from Edward Feser's blog about criticisms of his book The Last Superstition.  I am just about done with the book, and decided to contact Mr. Feser about some propositions that did not seem apparent to me.  The first had to do with the Platonic idea that numbers are discovered rather than invented (p. 40).  I sat back and pondered this (not for the first time) and decided to see what humans in cypberspace thought, which brought me to a discussion thread on said topic, which contained a link to Roger Penrose's book The Road to Reality, as well as a link to an article by Barry Mazur on The Question.  After I read the description it magically appeared in my Wish List.  Imagine that!  Then I went on to discover some other titles by Penrose, The Emperor's New Mind, Shadows of the Mind and Cycles of Time.  Needless to say, my brain is seriously strange, and I have way too many books in my Wish List.  Happy reading!

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