Monday, July 12, 2010

Chat with a "believer"

I saw an ad on the tele for Need Him Ministries (click on the Watch our TV Spot at the bottom left) and I thought to myself, wow, this is a very in-your-face christian message. My curiosity was peaked. I found a chat link and began speaking with Casey R. The following is a transcript:

Christopher: Isn't it irresponsible of us as humans to interpret the physical workings of the universe as the product of supernatural causes as opposed to thinking logically and rationally about our place in the order of existence?

You are now speaking with Casey R of needhim-large.
Casey R: Hello

Christopher: Hi

Casey R: how are you?

Christopher: Good, yourself?

Casey R: i'm doing good

Casey R: so do you know Jesus as your King and Friend?

Christopher: I used to believe in it

Casey R: what caused you to stop?

Christopher: I began reading math books (I'm a math teacher) and physics books and then that led me to interesting online articles and videos and debates that really just made me stop and think, wow, how in the world did I actually believe this?

Casey R: so you let your intellect at the expense of your spirit

Casey R: then you came to the point where your head took over?

Christopher: When I say 'this' I mean christianity

Christopher: No my 'head' has always been a part of my way of life, but I was just acting escapist when I was a 'believer'

Christopher: You are however assuming something when you speak of spirit

Casey R: Chris your here to repent

Casey R: i cant force you to do what your here for

Casey R: but thats what your here for

Christopher: No I just wanted to chat about this.

Casey R: No you relize you've mess up a bunch

Casey R: and so you came to the chat to try and strenthen your belif in how mental you are

Casey R: when really your wrong and you know it

Christopher: Wow, that's pretty bold to say of someone that you have never met

Christopher: By the way, how old are you?

Casey R: haha i worked with you for an extended period of time

Casey R: not exactly you but the same basic person

Christopher: I have never met you

Casey R: yes but there are many people like you in the world

Christopher: But not one exactly like me

Casey R: yes there is a percentage different

Casey R: i thought you were big on math?

Casey R: didnt you know that phyically there is only a small variance

Christopher: What does that have anything to do with this?

Casey R: between the genes of one person and another

Casey R: the same is with personalities

Casey R: your self righitous

Casey R: and you need to become Christ righteious

Christopher: Yes but like I said there is not one person exactly like me and there never has been and never will be

Casey R: well technicalle we can create a clone of you

Casey R: and acording to your view of life that person would be exactly you

Christopher: And?

Christopher: What makes me self-righteous?

Casey R: because you belive that your mind is everything

Christopher: It is what we can always rely on to understand our surroundings in an empirical way.

Casey R: empirical knowlege is flawed

Christopher: Really? Like this reality isn;t the real reality?

Casey R: because many things cannot be observed

Casey R: Jesus came to this earth and explained to us the relatiy of many things that cannot be observed

Casey R: he taught that there was a system of non emperical rules

Christopher: And now we get into the area that creationists always fall back on. You can't observe god because he is outside our perceptive ability

Casey R: that when follwed allowed God to rule

Casey R: in our lives

Christopher: yeah called faith.

Casey R: no you can observe God by his works

Christopher: Really

Casey R: but it does require faith first

Christopher: Example

Casey R: and by the way i'm not the creationist that your typically use to

Casey R: i've even published on evoltuion

Christopher: So I have to have faith before I can look at the beauty of the earth and conclude that god made it

Casey R: no not that kind of works

Casey R: like when he touches a body and heals it

Christopher: Can you provide me one truly unbiased instance in history of this happening where there were multiple accounts?

Casey R: yes

Christopher: Shoot

Casey R: when i was 5 i slit my wrist

Casey R: maybe i was 4

Casey R: it was an accident i sorda thought i was superman

Casey R: and I lossed a large amount of blood and should have died

Casey R: but the Lord had mercy on me and healed me

Christopher: Ok so how do you know jesus saved you?

Christopher: You can find many instances in the medical field where people who should have died didn't

Casey R: the doctor amoung others said it was miraculous?

Christopher: It is a word in our vocabulary that you are interpreting in a meta-physical sense

Casey R: meh

Casey R: it was meta physicle

Casey R: ok

Casey R: i prayed and the Lord increased my iq

Casey R: he made me much smarter

Christopher: ?

Casey R: more than a standard deviation

Christopher: Now your being plain condescending. Just because you looked up a mathematical definition doesn't mean I'm impressed

Christopher: I will be impressed and will convert if you can prove that jesus healed you

Casey R: i'm gviing you another example

Christopher: of?

Casey R: i was dumb and he made me smart

Casey R: he healed my brain

Casey R: he is still working on it today but each day get a little better

Christopher: No you weren't dumb, you were either delusional or hallucinating. Do not be so hard on your rational self. It is all you have.

Casey R: no i had tests run and they came out poor

Christopher: Like mentally retarded?

Casey R: as far as your concerned yes

Casey R: by someone who was professionally trained to do so

Christopher: What do you mean "as far as your concerned yes"?

Christopher: You don't have to answer that if you don't want to

Your party has left this session.

Casey R: ok so are you ready to repent yet?

Christopher: no sorry man. i have to go though. I have to get ready for a meeting I have early tomorrow. It has been a pleasure speaking with you though. I hope you can one day come to a full rational realization of your place in this world.

Casey R: uh umm sure

Casey R: when you get ready to repent

Casey R: you can get on and someone will reintroduce you to the Lord

Casey R: :) Jesus Loves you and so do we :)

Christopher: Thanks take it easy

WOW! There are a couple of things that will jump out at you right away. Grammar? Sentence structure? This is why I asked how old he was. The strangest thing was the sense I had that he was a robot, or soldier. It's hard for me to describe. Very odd. Anyway I thought it might be interesting to post this and get some feedback.

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