Thursday, April 21, 2011

Evidence 4 Faith

I try to be unbiased and listen to both sides of any argument.  I cannot be quick to judge, especially since I am a teacher.  But when it comes to the guys at Evidence 4 Faith, I just have to speak my mind.  This is a Christian apologetic blog and podcast site.  The podcast I was listening to was Choosing among the world's religions

The first thing that should sound the alarms is one host stating that someone proved to him that God exists.  I shouldn't have to elaborate on the consequences of this.  Next, the other host attempts to explain how to prove God's existence.  How you may ask?  By looking around at the natural world.  "This is a God thing.  God must have done this."  The logical fallacy meter is now broken.  "I can see God in nature.  I can see natural order.  I can see things that go well beyond the primordial soup."  What does this even mean?  "There are great evidences in the natural world that we can see if were open to looking for them."  They go on to describe the beauty of the stars and of the pictures of cells at the sub-microscopic level.  I can absorb this beauty and let it fill me with awe and wonder, but I am not invoking their wants. 

Later on they state that "all religions cannot all be true.  One of us is wrong.  You can't have everybody correct in their choice of religion."  No justification.  Wow!  I didn't know pluralism was invalid.  News to me.  I have heard apologists state that all religions might not be true, but never definitively like this. 

Next point: they claim there definitively was a beginning with the Big Bang.  Now I know this is the reigning theory of how all the cosmos came into existence, but the way they fashion this statement is intellectually dishonest.  "This is how the atheist attempts to explain our origins.  You can't create nothing out of nothing."  The way apologists make this claim seems arrogant in its defiance of how the process that is science works. 

The next section's focus is lost on me.  "The Big Bang, I call it the Big Flash on purpose because in space there is a vaccuum, you don't have noise you don't have the Big Bang per se.  Flash of light, and I try to frame this in Einstein's equation E = mc^2, which means the energy is equal to mass, the mass of the planets and the universe and everything, times the speed of light, which is 186,000 miles per second, squared, which is an astronomical number.  If you look at that in the context of energy and mass and light, yes there was a Big Flash, and that's my news flash to the secular humanists."  I was truly at a loss for words when I heard this.  Does this man think that because he remembered the speed of light and one of Einstein's equations, that he is now a cosmologist?  No where does he state how this equation has anything to do with the Big Bang, Flash I'm sorry.  The sad thing is that the Christians hearing him attempting to sound scientifically literate are thiking to themselves, "Wow, this guy is smart.  God must exist and Christianity must be true if he says so."

Next: We can learn that God is a personal God by studying nature.  He has volition and is conscious and has thoughts.  If we read a holy text and that God is not described like that then we know this religion is not correct.  How is God's "personal" side reflected in the beauty of a landscape of snow-capped mountains?  When I walk through a forest I do not stop at the stream and conclude that some deity has thoughts, let alone that I can realize what those thoughts are. 

The "connections" these guys try to make are not even connections.  They seem to be rambling on incoherently with a smitter of science and a smatter of 'feel-good, Christian God is conscious and loves you' talk.  For them to be propagating their rhetoric to the world through this podcast is dishonest and disingenuous.  Period.

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  1. I think you dont understand it because you choose not to. Some people are more comfortable living without God "watching over their shoulder." They have sound logic.