Saturday, April 9, 2011

More Craig/Sinnott

OK so I am posting another tidbit about this debate. At one point in the debate, WLC and Walter are answering questions posed by the audience. One person asked Walter "On what basis would you respond to the evidence for Jesus rising from the dead and its relevance to God and the problem of evil?" Sinnott supplies a wonderful analogy. First, he states that he does not think there is sufficient evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He says there is some historical evidence that some people reported that the grave was empty after 3 days. He then explains how a psychologist would analyze this testimony from 3 decades after the fact. When they are surrounded by peer pressure which points them in a specific direction, this is exactly when eyewitness testimony is not reliable. Naturally, we would not accept this kind of evidence in a court of law.

Now the good stuff. He states 'even if the grave were empty, this would not show that Jesus Christ ascended into heaven. That's like saying if I have a point of my favorite ice cream, which by the way happens to be Coconut Almond Fudge Chip by Ben and Jerry's, in the freezer and I am dying to have some when I come home and it's not there and my daughter Miranda says "I didn't take it" and my son Nick says "I didn't take it" and my wife Liz says "I didn't take it", that I conclude that the ice cream ascended into heaven and sitting at the right hand of Ben and Jerry.'

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